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For the full experience, download the Ruckify app.


your way

for the full experience, download the Ruckify app.

What is a RuckifyStore?

The best rentals software and platform in the business.

Work for yourself

How amazing is it that you can set your own hours and be your own boss. A RuckifyStore allows anyone and everyone to start their own rental business! Rent out things you own and hardly ever use.

Reach more people

More and more people join Ruckify looking for rentals every day! Be the first in your community to create a RuckifyStore and be the go-to for your neighbours. Ruckify makes it very easy for people to rent from you.

No startup costs

Starting a small business generally takes some capital to turn into a reality. With Ruckify, all you need to do is put stuff you already own on the platform. Signing up and creating your store is absolutely free!

Help the planet

Everytime someone rents from your Ruckify store, Ruckify plants a tree! Not only are you earning money and working for yourself, but you are also helping our planet! You are also helping to eliminate waste.


No hidden fees

Ruckify takes a 10% platform service fee when you have a successful booking! This allows us to offer amazing customer support and continuous improvements of the platform.

Protect your items

When you post your items, you can choose to protect your items for theft, and damage coverage! Choosing to opt-in to this protection plan will be an additional 10% premium on the item.


Fraud detection

We take safety seriously here at Ruckify which is why we ask every member to authenticate their account when signing up. We are also partnered with Stripe which helps us block any fraudulent charges.

Checkout these RuckifyStore features!

Giving you the tools to create a successful rental business.

Customize your

Detailed admin

Detailed product
or space pages

Let members instantly
book your items

RuckifyStore success stories

Learn how RuckifyStore superstars are making it happen!

Jamie-Lynn from Better-up-bakery made $300 Ruckifying her baking trays…

Natalie from Cody Party has already planted 118 trees by finding customers through the Ruckify app…
Jon, a local contractor, has made $250 this week renting out his generator and buz saw…