Your RuckifyStore Experience

A Tour of Your RuckifyStore

The RuckifyStore takes things beyond just your profile and offers you a digital storefront that connects you right with your potential Renter.

Completely Customizable

Build your RuckifyStore your way. Develop and insert a custom logo, store name, and description, while choosing from our different banners and icons. 

Easy to Manage

Chat directly with your customers and sort incoming requests. You can also adjust your notification settings and put your store on nap mode when you’re away.


Endless Exposure

Reach new customers everyday. Also share your RuckifyStore or specific items to social media directly from your storefront to bring in additional traffic.

A Custom Dashboard

Gather insights on your store’s performance. Your dashboard will help you determine what’s performing well, what needs improvement, and what you can do to maximize your success.
Your dashboard enables you to track:
Store views, total revenue, total bookings, and total postings.
Manage Your RuckBucks
RuckBucks are a form of currency that allows you to pay for rentals in the Ruckify marketplace. You can earn RuckBucks by completing prompts like posting items or leaving reviews.
Find Your Referral Code
When new members sign-up using your code, you get $10 cash when they make their first rental. When they post their own item and rent it out, you get 10% of their very first booking.
What Kind of Owner Are You?
Ruckify fits the needs of everyone. The individual ready to start their own side-hustle, a small business owner looking to take their place in the sharing economy, existing rental houses that are ready to grow in their community, and more!

Do You Want to Build Your Own Side-Hustle?

Ruckify helps you earn an additional income without any upfront investments, allowing you to create your very own side-hustle. Set up all of your rentals conveniently in one space, it’s as simple as uploading a photo and setting your price.

Do You Want to Prepare Your Small Business for the Future?

Ruckify makes it possible for you to prepare your business for the future. Not only will your customers be given access via our mobile app, our curbside delivery system, and the opportunity to try before they buy. With Ruckify, your local business can now be found on an app.

Do You Want to Grow Your Existing Rental Business?

Expand your business with Ruckify by connecting directly with your customers, letting them read item specific reviews, building relationships, and establishing loyalty. Where other marketplaces completely detach you from the people that matter most, we put them right in your inbox.
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