How To Rent Anything

Why Rent on Ruckify?


Save Storage Space

Don’t waste space with useless clutter.

Save Your Money

Don’t pay for a lifetime value just to use it twice.

Support Your Community

Support local businesses and entrepreneurs.

Easy Cancellation

Things happen, don’t stress, we get it.

Skip The Commitment

Fall in love with temporary not responsibility.

Live Sustainably

Nothing new created, nothing old thrown out.

Because Why Buy?

You don’t have to buy a unicycle, but you should definitely try it out once in your life. Rent the hobby, rent the fun, rent the DIY, or rent the expensive coffee maker you want to try before you buy. Whatever you need, Ruckify has it.
Safe, Secure, Affordable
Ruckify has reinvented your rental experience, so you can experience more for less. Ruckify’s technology puts an entire marketplace in the palm of your hand. Simply search for an item in the Ruckify marketplace, request, and enjoy.
Try Before You Buy
Now you don’t have to commit to a hobby just to try it out, get all the tools the pros use, and send it back when you’re done, a jack of all trades shouldn’t have to waste their money. If you don’t know if an expensive item is right for you then try it out first, use it for a week, and see if it’s worth the price tag or the rental period.

How To Get Started

Jane Needed an Activity for the Kids

She signed-up to Ruckify with her friend’s referral code and got $35 RuckBucks deposited into her store to start renting.
On her hunt to find a perfect item she discovered things she wanted to try, things she would need for an upcoming home project, and things she never imagined people could rent, like a mini chocolate fountain!

She Chose a Mini Chocolate Fountain

Instant booking was on so all she had to do was plug in her desired dates, book delivery, and make her payment.
Since she booked delivery with RuckifyExpress the chocolate fountain showed up right to her home in sanitized and reusable packaging. Now it was time for some fun.

Time to Return & Review

Her experience was even better than expected, especially when the item was picked up again by RuckifyExpress, and she barely had to lift a finger to give her children this amazing experience.
She was excited to leave her review on both the item and the Owner, particularly the two additional trees planted on behalf of her reviews.
"We couldn’t have done it without you. Really, working with all of you on the Ruckify team has been amazing. We needed a very specific vehicle for our Girl Friday shoot - a very funky and cool older model Vespa scooter - and were having no luck. But you delivered!"

- Heidi.
"I was able to experience both Paddle Boarding and the canoe tour of the Toronto Islands. Both experiences were super easy to book and I was able to get really fast responses about my booking!"

- Kelly.
"I rented a stationary bike through Ruckify and the process was seamless from start to finish! The team did an excellent job sourcing the bike I wanted and kept me in the loop throughout the rental. Would highly recommend! 10/10."

- Nickholas.

Why Ruckify?

Secure & Trusted

Your safety is the most important thing to us!

24/7 Support

Email or chat into our customer success team anytime.

Get Connected

Rent to people in your community that share your passion.

RuckifyExpress, Get Your Rental Delivered

Don’t want to pick up or drop off your rental? No problem! RuckifyExpress connects you with Drivers to simplify your rent anything experience. When you rent items on Ruckify, choose to have your items delivered with RuckifyExpress.

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