How To Post Anything

Why Post on Ruckify?


Earn Money

Make extra money and do it for free. Post things you already own that would otherwise collect dust.

Help The Planet

Stop the community’s need for new and spare your old items from the landfill when you share.

Because Why Not?

Nothing is stopping you from posting three items today and seeing what happens tomorrow.

You Could Make $2000+ With Ruckify

Find items in your home collecting dust or taking up space on your kitchen counter. From blenders to bulldozers you can be generating thousands of dollars a month when you share and promote your Ruckify items with your community.

How To Price Your Items

This is your greatest competitive advantage. With your items otherwise collecting dust, you can set your prices well below the competition of regular rental corporations. Learn more about rental rates here on our blog.
Your Free RuckifyStore
Customize your store name, logo, and banner to make it your own! Use your dashboard to gather in-depth information on store or item views, item revenue, and compare it to different months. Then, share your store with your friends to bring in even more attention.
Your Items Are Always Safe
All Renters go through a certified verification process. List all the specific rules to follow with your items. Look into Renters and peek at reviews from their last rentals. Protect your items with Ruckify protection for up to $50k USD.

What Can I Post on Ruckify?

Almost anything. Popular items include paddle boards, movie night packages, knee scooters, carpet cleaners, tents, fire places, speakers, and more. Explore the marketplace to see what your community has been posting or look at what to post on our blog.

Make Your Items Stand Out

Share your RuckifyStore or specific items on social media or other marketplaces! Ruckify even provides you with a custom referral code so when you share the Ruckify experience, you get a cut. You can even join one of Ruckify’s exclusive Rent Anything Groups on Facebook.

Pickup and Delivery

Exchange the item in person or have it delivered with RuckifyExpress. Using a delivery service or RuckifyExpress streamlines the rental process making it easy for people to rent and return your items.

Additional Fees

You can choose to build in additional fees during the posting process. Additional fees can either be built-in as upfront or optional payment for things like cleaning, set up, or operation.


Why Post on Ruckify?

Secure & Trusted

Your safety is the most important thing to us!

24/7 Support

Email or chat into our customer success team anytime.

Passionate Owners

Rent directly from the experts in your community.
"I am so grateful for Ruckify and the many alternatives and opportunities they provide! A platform to operate a side hustle and prevent things I no longer need from getting dumped in a landfill, a reliable and safe space to rent almost anything I could need, and the Ruckify tree project is a good enough reason alone to support what they do!"

- Crystal.
"It's fantastic! I live in a small town and was still able to make $9,000 in my first 90 days in the marketplace, AMAZING! Thank you Ruckify!"

- Robyn.
"All of our equipment like underwater bikes that was otherwise sitting idle is now out in peoples homes and we are able to help them keep active. We don't see this as short-term, we will continue to provide this service with Ruckify."

- LiquidGym.

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